It’s been a long time since I’ve posted

It’s been about a month and a half… I had a little epiphany during that time, I was spending all together too many hours blogging, promoting, social media scheduling and all-in-all talking about other people’s scrapbooking than I was actually doing what made me happy. So I made a few changes about how my free time is being spent. And trust me, there is less of it with the pupster around!

I also realized another thing, too – I missed storytelling! I used to be one who included more journaling than the average bear on a page but I’d gotten away from it because I usually had a small amount of time to GET something finished. I wasn’t telling stories, I was just scrapping with products. I’m trying to do that more intentionally now, with the focus on stories again.

So let me get caught up with the pages done since early February. You’ll notice where my inner storyteller gets her butt back in gear!


Aviator by Amber Labau and JennCK Designs; Simply Sweet Templates by Miss Fish Templates

Brightest Hues

Brighter Days Kit, Journal Cards and Paint Set and Pocket Stories 8 Templates from Etc by Danyale

Cutie – and he is!

Ladies Man by Kristin Cronin-Barrow and Shawna Clingerman


Cityscape by Studio Basic Designs and Little Butterfly Wings; Butterfly Basics DIY Edition Alphas by Little Butterfly Wings; Half Life Set 5 by Brook Magee

Flamingo – an all-about-me page realizing I’m adding more color to my life

Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful by WendyP Designs

Less More

#socialaddiction by Studio Basic Designs and Just Jaimee

Lick the Bowl

Sweetest Thing Bundle by Studio Basic Designs and Little Butterfly Wings; Crystal’s Layered Templates set 4 by Crystal Livesay

Me Right Now

Duly Noted Elements, Papers and Journaling Cards plus bits from Agenda, Around Here, Candid, Click and Daily Bulletin all from One Little Bird; Template from Amy Martin (retired)

Mommy’s Sweetheart

This Thing Called Love Templates, Pocket Cards and Word Art, This Thing Called Love – Create Crate Monthly Feb 17 Styles, Hole Foods Papers and Elements all by Mommyish

Practice Makes Perfect – working on Elysse’s ballet album for Project Scrap at Scrapaneers

Shutterbug from One Little Bird; Tall and Funky from Miss Fish Templates


He’s a Trooper by Amanda Yi and WendyP Designs

Senior Duet

Queen of the Beam by Misty Cato and Fun With Shapes: Waves by Crystal Livesay


She Persisted

You Are Fierce Bundle by Mommyish

Turned the Corner – about Obi

True Story by Blagovesta Gosheva, Captivated Visions and Grace Lee; Single 160 – Good Dog by Cindy Schneider and bits from Pawprints On My Heart by River Rose Designs

ZZZ – about Elysse’s never ending work and school schedule

Never Enough Hours by Captivated Visions and On a Whimsical Adventure; Layered Templates Set 5 by Crystal Livesay; Paperclip Alpha by On a Whimsical Adventure

Sit down…

I actually scrapbooked yesterday {gasp}. It’s been weeks! And that used to be uncommon.

I’m sure it has something to do with:

a. For a solid month I packed to move

b. LuLaRoe shopping

c. Then I unpacked

d. I do a lot of social media for sites and designers

But, I made TWO whole pages yesterday at Scrap Day with my friends. One I won’t be able to post until next weekend because it uses something new but the other I can share now.

This makes my little scrapbooking heart proud! Jorge (Elysse’s boyfriend) made a conscious effort to take a photo of something important because he knew she would like it and I would, too. One of his best friends for YEARS is going into the service this week. His buddies met for lunch as a sort of farewell and he documented the moment. This scrapbook thing has kind of permeated the family, methinks.

You Got This – And you totally do, Bryant! You’re going to be amazing!

Templated Trio #12 and Stylin’ 206 Realistic Shadow Styles for CC by Mommyish; Real Life in Pockets: iCaptured, Make it Happen and Real Life in Pockets: Besties by Mommyish and Just Jaimee



3 weeks of 2016 done

2015 Week 5

Memory Pockets Monthly: Q and A  and Adore both by Amber LaBau, Allison Pennington, Paislee Press, Sahlin Studio, Sara Gleason and Valorie Wibbens; Counting the Weeks vol 1 and Story Grids v7 by Amber LaBau; Q and A Papers by Sara Gleason; Fonts: Andes and Loveton

2016 Week 6

Storyteller 2016 February Collection by Just Jaimee; Fonts: Andes and Loveton

2016 Week 7

My Tribe Bundle by Jady Day Studio; Font: Andes

2016 Week 5 Left6002016 Week 5 Right6002016 Week 6 Left6002016 Week 6 Right6002016 Week 7 Left6002016 Week 7 Right600


I have been scrapping…

just not posting any layouts! So I’ll get caught up


2015 Week 1

Story Grids v8 and Counting the Weeks vol 2 by Amber LaBau; Chapter Papers and Story Cards no 3 by Sara Gleason; MPM: Chapter by Amber LaBau, Allison Pennington, Paislee Press, Sara Gleason, Sahlin Studio and Valorie Wibbens; Fonts: Andes Regular and Loveton

2015 Week 2

Ready to Go Pocket Page Templates Weeks 1 – 4 Storyteller January 2016 Add-on and Storyteller 2016 January Collection by Just Jaimee; Fonts: Andes Regular and Loveton

You Can Learn to Fly

Broken Wings by Little Butterfly Wings


2016 Week 1 Left6002016 Week 1 Right6002016 Week 2 Left6002016 Week 2 Right600You-Can-Learn-to-Fly-600s