Sweet Shoppe Designs… on a Friday?

Yes, that’s right!

Ballet Celebration – I am bound and determined to get her ballet album done sometime before she’s 30!

Coraline by Zoliofrope; Bric A Brac by Zoliofrope; A Happy Family: Celebrating Us and coordinating Journal Cards by Traci Reed and Shawna Clingerman;  Font: DJB PROJECT STORYTELLER print by Darcy Baldwin

Love You to Pieces – It’s been tough to look through photos of Aladdin, but I did this week. And I have some amazing photos of him! Where he looks healthy. It was nice to look at him that way again.

Bric A Brac by Zoliofrope; December Joys – Countdown by Sugarplum Paperie; Heart Art: Love You Madly by Sugarplum Paperie; Heart Art: Love You to Pieces by Sugarplum Paperie; Flowers After The Rain by Sugarplum Paperie and Wishing Well Creations; Life, In Real Color: Essentials by Sugarplum Paperie; Every Day of the Year by Sugarplum Paperie; Treasured Moments Freebie by Sugarplum Paperie;  Font: DJB CHRISTINE’s script

Ballet-Celebration-2008_Lw Ballet-Celebration-2008_Rw Love-You-to-Pieces_700s

Three layouts for the Lilypad

Do That!

Plant Your Story Journaled v4 by Sara Gleason; Full of Wonder by Little Butterfly Wings; Words to Live By No 2 by Sara Gleason; After the Rain by Little Butterfly Wings; I Kraft You Kraft by Little Butterfly Wings and Studio Basic; Twenty Four Seven by Little Butterfly Wings; A Gift From Heaven by Little Butterfly Wings; Bad Mood by Little Butterfly Wings; Don’t Stop Believing Elements by Little Butterfly Wings; Free as a Bird Doodles by Little Butterfly Wings; Giggle Snort Elements by Sara Gleason;  Font: DJB NEW GIRL IN TOWN

Sinfully Good

Whip It Up Vol 17 by Amy Martin; Prix Fixe Journal Cards by One Little Bird; Prix Fixe by One Little Bird; Blanc Stitches by Amy Martin; Equinox Elements by One Little Bird; Happygram Elements by One Little Bird;  Font: DJB NEW GIRL IN TOWN by Darcy Baldwin

The 1980’s – An 80’s kit… well I have JUST the photos for that!! I really don’t think I’ve ever used this much neon at one time… EVER!

Real Life In Pockets: Old School by Just Jaimee and Mommyish;  Storyteller December 2013 Pocket Page Templates by Just Jaimee; Font: DJB CHRISTINE’s print by Darcy Baldwin

Do-That-600s Sinfully-Good-600s The-80s_Lw The-80s_Rw

I’m a Scrapaneers Peer!

I know I’ve said in the past that I wasn’t looking to add any creative teams, but there are certain opportunities that are too good to pass up! I LOVE learning new skills! I’ve taken a lot of digi classes in my day, but the ones I enjoy the most are technique based classes. These programs that we all use are powerful, so powerful that it’s tough to even graze the surface in our personal skill set. I learn new things all the time when I take classes. And the teachers at Scrapaneers have never ceased to teach me new things, big and small, from quick shortcuts to save me time to artistic techniques that make me say, “WOW!!”

My first class as a Peer is Digital Artistry by Cilenia Curtis. My very first CT was for Cilenia and I’ve always loved her artsy style! The first lesson blew me away and the second just builds and builds on it. This opens up a whole new artsy side for me to explore with my 3 star rated photos AND lets me use my art journal supplies to boot.

E Skydive

For the Digital Artistry class at Scrapaneers by Cilenia Curtis  Supplies: 51 Shades of Awesome Smudgies by The Edits;  Art Play Palette MiniKit No 4 by Anna Aspnes; Abstract FotoBlendz No 2 by Anna Aspnes; Love LoopDaLoop Freebie by Anna Aspnes; Art Play Palette Find My Way by Anna Aspnes; Adventure Word Transfers No 1 by Anna Aspnes; ArtPlay Palette Adventure by Anna Aspnes; Font: DJB New Girl In Town by Darcy Baldwin


A new challenge from Sara Gleason

The April Just Press Play challenge over at Plant Your Story is about one of my very favorite subjects, telling your story.

From Sara’s blog:

This month’s story prompt is a simple phrase derived from my tag line and it encourages us to find the story that lives in our everyday moments:

Story Lives Here

Play along and you have a chance to win a gift certificate to her store.

See the details here:   http://plantyourstory.com/just-press-play-april-2014/

Here’s my layout on the subject

Dogwood by Sara Gleason; Beach Tree Elements by Sara Gleason; Beech Tree Papers by Sara Gleason; Coconut Tree by Sara Gleason; Violet {Seeds} by Sara Gleason; Teak Tree – Elements by Sara Gleason; Tea Rose by Sara Gleason; Olive Tree by Sara Gleason; Coconut Cards by Sara Gleason; Apple Tree by Sara Gleason; Project Happy : Family Edition by Sara Gleason;  Font: The Wolff by Heather Joyce



Two for Sweet Shoppe

One for Traci Reed using one of Darcy’s scripty fonts – This is from our cookie baking day right before Christmas

Homemade Happiness by Traci Reed;  365 Unscripted – Stitched Grids by Traci Reed; Font: DJB CAMILLE script by Darcy Baldwin

One for Zoliofrope and Sugarplum Paperie using a Darcy Baldwin font – about the joys of living in Florida

Big Love 3: Solo by Zoliofrope; Drip, Drip, Drop by Sugarplum Paperie; Every Day of the Year: Extras by Sugarplum Paperie;  Font: DJB NEW GIRL IN TOWN by Darcy Baldwin

Baking-Day_700s I-Love-Florida_700s

Another week of 2014

2014 Week 12 – I used Traci Reed’s new Pocket Life collection for April. The color palette is just gorgeous!!

Pocket Life: April 3×4 Journalers, Pocket Life: April 3×4 Titlers, Pocket Life: April 4x6s, Pocket Life: April Alphas, Pocket Life: April Cork Bits, Pocket Life: April Digital Ellies, Pocket Life: April Papers, Pocket Life: April Square Cards, Pocket Life: April Stickers, 365 Unscripted: Plastic Stitched Grids 2 AND 4 ALL by Traci Reed; Font: Project Storyteller Script by Darcy Baldwin

2014-Week-12_Lw 2014-Week-12_Rw