A new one for Traci Reed

Perhaps it’s because Traci has several sons that she makes such lovely masculine kits. The word art (as usual) inspired me. I LOVE how it turned out!

A Good Boy

Journaling reads:
every once in a while, i run across a quote that speaks directly to my heart. “don’t wait to make your son a great man, make him a great boy.” this goes back to what i’ve always told you, my job as your mother is to make you a good person. i think back to the sweet little boy you were and all the milestones, all the hard work, all the studying, all the time and effort you’ve put in to become THIS man that looks back at me. so i think we’ve both done a good job, we’ve both made you a good man!
A Simple Kind of Man by Traci Reed and Julie Billingsley;  Azalea by Sara Gleason; Fonts: The Short Caps by Heather Joyce

A new kit from One Little Bird

She really does make the cutest kits!! This one was inspired by her love for tv. I used it to document Tommy’s favorite tv shows at 19.

Journaling reads:
Like me, your tv can be found playing NCIS reruns as background noise while you study. If it is football season, you are watching ESPN or actual NFL games. Other than that, you really enjoy The Daily Show on Comedy Central and Survivor Man. We also both have a weakness for corny monster movie weekends on Syfy.
Stay Tuned by One Little Bird; Stay Tuned Journaling Cards by One Little Bird;  Petunia by Sara Gleason; Images by Google Images;  Fonts: The Everyday by Heather Joyce

Two new ones for One Story Down

I was finally able to post one of the layouts I did for the Feb Block Party before the site crashed because The Edits put the Mulberry collection into the shop this week. I apologize that there are some items that might not be found at One Story Down now but the layout was too cute not to post.

70’s Style

Mulberry Papers by The Edits; She’s All That by Fiddlette; Mulberry Mix Spotsch by The Edits; Mulberry Mix Stitch and Scatter by The Edits; Right Now Florals by River Rose Designs; Live Fully Paint by Caroline S; Child at Heart Elements by Snips and Snails Designs; Right Now Borders by River Rose Designs; Live Fully Mixed Pieces by Caroline S; Good Times Elements by JM Designs; Child at Heart Alphas by Snips and Snails Designs;  Fonts: The Branch by Heather Joyce

My second one was using Nerdy Scrappers Studio Squeaky Clean kit. It inspired me to scrap my wonderful new vacuum.

Line Up by Julia Idland; Squeaky Clean by Nerdy Scrappers Studio; UnimPRESSED by Brand Sutherlin Designs; Tis the Season by Nerdy Scrappers Studio; Font: Smarty Pants by Darcy Baldwin

70s-style_600s Dyson_600s



Three for Traci Reed

One at Scrap Matters


Elysse had a great milestone this week. She passed the GRE (graduate school entrance) test with the scores she needs for the grad school programs that she wishes to apply to attend. She was thrilled!! Absolutely thrilled! Hopefully she won’t ever have to take one of those again. Jorge surprised her by coming over and taking her out to dinner to celebrate.

{Extra} Ordinary by Traci Reed; Thickabets v3 – Brights by Traci Reed; Talking Blondies by Traci Reed; Be Square by Julia Idland Designs at One Story Down; Font: The Deck by Heather Joyce

Two at Sweet Shoppe Designs

Surprise of all surprises, I didn’t use a template on either of these. Didn’t mean to do it, just worked out that way.


I knew I had to scrap Tommy’s Fantasy Football Super Bowl trophy. He was so excited when he got it that he kissed it! He’s been hoping to win every season, six years of waiting finally came true!

Fantabulous by Traci Reed and Heather Roselli; School Sports by Kate Hadfield;  Fonts: The Everyday by Heather Joyce

With You

Word art is still my favorite thing in a kit. Often, it helps me jump start the whole layout. Once I pick the word art, it’s almost like I have a theme, so I go looking for photos if I even want or need to include any, then start adding bits and pieces from there.

Life Is Beautiful by Traci Reed and Zoe Pearn;  Fonts: Smarty Pants by Darcy Baldwin


Trophy_700s With-You_700s

Two new layouts at the Lilypad


Kim Jensen asked us to make a layout using a combination of several different flower packs.  Me… love flowers… really? Um, yeah!

Bloomin’ Sweet by Kim Jensen; Eclectomania 2 by Kim Jensen; Bloomin’ Stuffed by Kim Jensen;  Tea Rose by Sara Gleason; Grandma’s Dresser by Sahlin Studio; Stitched Stripes & Stars by Amber Clegg; A Spring Day by Sahlin Studio; Project Happy Family Edition by Sara Gleason; Head in the Clouds by Valorie Wibbens and Paislee Press Collab; Knotty Bits by Kim Jensen; Painted Words by Designs by Lili; Sweetness Page Accents by One Little Bird; Sprinkles v 10 by Valorie Wibbens; Teak Tree – Elements by Sara Gleason;  Fonts: The Short Caps by Heather Joyce



I have officially decided I love that ereader for books. It’s small, holds a ton of books so when I finish one at lunch I can start another, but most importantly I can change the print size so that I can actually SEE IT! I might actually have to spring for a real Kindle so that I can read outside vs the iPad that you just can’t.

Spacey v13 by Amy Martin; Bookworm by Little Butterfly Wings; 2:30 pm by Amy Wolff; Bloomin’ Sweet by Kim Jensen; Bloomin’ Octagonal by Kim Jensen; Random Moments by Kim Jensen; Dialogue by One Little Bird and Paislee Press; Sweater Weather by One Little Bird; Summer Stories by The Lilypad Designers; My America by Kim Jensen;  Fonts: The Branch by Heather Joyce

Bloomin_600s ereader_600s


One Story Down is back!

I was so sad when One Story Down was forced to close! I can’t imagine what it takes to keep  a website running on a day to day basis. Hackers, spammers, internet hiccups, you just never know what is going to happen. When their backups failed, I truly couldn’t imagine the depth of how awful that was for them and all the work it would take to recreate it. I was excited when 4 of the designers banded together and decided to rebuild it with a new vision. The camaraderie at OSD is unlike any other digi site. If you haven’t visited, please take a minute to check it out!

There really is an eclectic mix that helps me to see outside my normal scrapping style.

Days Like This

Doodle Up v1 by Julia Idland; Happy Days by The Edits;  Fonts: The Everyday,The Everyday Bold by Heather Joyce


Mulberry Papers by The Edits; 3×4 Alpha Journals by Brandi Sutherlin Designs; Date Stamps Vol.1 by Brandi Sutherlin Designs; Stampin Arrows by Brandi Sutherlin Designs; Messy Splats by Brandy Sutherlin Designs; Machine Stitches Vol. 1 by Brandi Sutherlin Designs; 20 Questions by The Edits; Homemade Memories by Valorie Brown Designs, Flutter Expressions and Caroline S. Collab; Pocket Stuffers v1 by Two More Days;  Fonts: The Short Caps by Heather Joyce

Taking a Break

Of Pine and Trees by Peeps & Milo; Welcome to the Weekend by Two More Days; Veneer Alpha by Two More Days;  Fonts: Smarty Pants by Darcy Baldwin

Days-Like-This_600s Ranger_600s Taking-a-Break_600s