Halfway through April…

And I haven’t scrapped much… but I HAVE scrapped! More importantly, I’ve watched TV, played with the dog and read books all when I would have been sitting at my computer in the past. I feel like I have more of a life! And THAT is what I was trying to accomplish.

So here are the four pages I’ve made so far this month:

Craft Room – honestly my favorite room in the house, the one I spend nearly all my time in

Me Time by Studio Basic Designs and Digital Scrapbook Ingredients; Half Pack 184 Framed 13 by Cindy Schneider


Love the Yard – the little stinker absolutely LOVES the backyard! He could spend hours out there just laying in the sun and snoozing or digging in the mulch.

Feeling Fresh Bundle – Papers, Elements and Pocket Cards; April 2017 BYOC Styles all by Mommyish; Template from Amy Martin (retired)


Our New Home

Stacked House Templates, Pocket Stories 2 and On the Street We Live along with bits from Hodge Podge all from Etc by Danyale and some from Just My Type collab with Pink Reptile Designs and Now and Then collab with Little Butterfly Wings


View from Mt Phillips – those journal cards were calling my name!!

This Time of Year April and Journal Cards by Grace Lee; Half Pack 185 – Framed 14 by Cindy Schneider




Wow! It’s been over a month…

and I had a really good reason for not posting for such a long time. I’ve been packing up my entire house to sell it. With the help of family and friends we managed to get it all packed into boxes and then into storage units.

I actually haven’t even scrapbooked in two weeks which is a very long time for me! But today, I closed on my old house and I scrapped! But before I post those, first I better post the few that I haven’t included on the blog as of yet.

Balance from Chaos

Make Your Mark 7 by Captivated Visions; Harmony by Heather Roselli; Font: Peaches and Cream

Big Plans

I Am Papers and Pocket Cards and Story Grid 2 Freebie by Amber LaBau; Memory Pockets Monthly: Bold by Amber LaBau, Allison Pennington, Paislee Press, Sara Gleason, Sahlin Studio & Valorie Wibbens

Dragon Boat

So Knotty Papers and Elements & Alpha, July 2016 BYOC Styles and Templated Trio #10 all by Mommyish; Fonts: Oswald Stencil and Andes

Make My Heart Smile

I Adore You by Studio Basic Designs and Digital Scrapbook Ingredients; Make Your Mark 3 by Captivated Visions


H2O Collection by Blagovesta Gosheva and Studio Flergs; EZ Albums v 11 and matching stitching by Erica Zane

Zoey at 1

Make your Mark 1, My Heart is Full and bits from A Little Birdie Told Me, Enjoy the Little Things and a couple of retired kits all from Captivated Visions; Font: 2Peas Piano Recital



On a roll…

I got two more weeks of PL done over the weekend! I’m bound and determined to get more caught up before 2016 begins.

2015 Week 47

Family Life by Blagovesta Gosheva and Digital Scrapbook Ingredients; A Wizarding World by Jady Day Studio; Layered Weekly Labels and Journaling Cards AND Layered Journaling Cards 1: 3×4 both by Cindy Schneider; EZ Albums v12 and Stitching by Erica Zane; A Happy Family – Celebrating Us by Traci Reed and Shawna Clingerman; A Hard Knock Life by Kristin Cronin-Barrow

2015 Week 48

What Matters Most Bundle by Kristin Cronin-Barrow; A Happy Family: Around the Table by Traci Reed and Shawna Clingerman; Ampersand Craze by Shawna Clingerman; Weekly Roundup v6 by Digital Scrapbook Ingredients

2015 Week 47 Left7002015 Week 47 Right7002015 Week 48 Left7002015 Week 48 Right700

AND a bunch more!

Bringing Comfy Back

A Night In Bundle and 365 Unscripted: Plastic Stitched Grids 2 by Traci Reed

Heart You Daddy

Only Him Bundle by Digital Scrapbook Ingredients and Studio Basic Designs; With You Templates by Two Tiny Turtles; Layered Cards: Grandparents by Cindy Schneider

Hello 2015

Looking Ahead: 2016 Collection by Amanda Yi, Studio Basic Designs and Two Tiny Turtles

Night Out on the Ship

A Night Out: Bundle by Traci Reed

Thankful for Home

A Grateful Heart and A Grateful Heart Extras by Zoe Pearn; Duo 29 Well Snipped Words 3 by Brook Magee

Thankful for My Computer

Gratitude Journal Bundle by Digilicious Designs and Tickled Pink Studio; Our Daily Lives v1 by Digital Scrapbook Ingredients

With a Grateful Heart

What Matters Most: Bundle by Kristin Cronin-Barrow and Mixed Media Mashups 9 by Krystal Hartley

With My Best Friend

Artified: Incomplete, Enjoy the Little Things and matching Overlays, My Heart is Full, Saffron and A Little Birdie Told Me all by Captivated Visions

Bringing-Comfy-Back-700s Heart-You-Daddy-700s Night-Out-on-the-Ship-700s Thankful-for-Home-700s Thankful-for-My-Computer-700s With-a-Grateful-Heart-700s With-My-Best-Friend-700s Hello-2015-700s

A different tack…

I’d like this blog to feel a little more personally meaningful… not sure exactly how to do that but I’m going to try some new things to work on it.

Animal Lover – It’s hard to not WANT to scrap all the gorgeous pictures Elysse sends me. She’s got a great eye first of all and she takes the time to edit them to perfection. Of course, THIS photo is OF her so Jorge must be getting his own awesome eye for a great photo! The bright colors of the kit worked so well with the clear, outdoor photos of their trip to Jungle Island. She can spend hours in a zoo or aquarium just watching the animals for the perfect shot.

Credits: At a Glance Papers, Elements and Alphabet Soup all from Etc by Danyale


Keepers – the kit was about the book “Where the Wild Things Are”. This made me think of packing up all the children’s story and picture books when we moved from the old house to this one. While we were all happy to give away many of the books to small children some of them were just too precious, too well loved not to save for their own kids. This is one of those books for us as are the other images I used.

Credits: Wild Thing Bundle by Traci Reed and Studio Basic Designs; EZ Albums v6 by Erica Zane


Lucky Me – a kit about being a single mom. Wow… that brought back memories of a different time in my life. A busy stressful worrisome time. Now I can’t remember when I wasn’t single. I can recall worrying that I wouldn’t be a good enough parent by myself. They are fortunate to have their father in their lives and to have a good relationship with him. But I was the one home day to day dealing with school, homework, crushes, friendships, after school activities, ballet, scouting etc. Would I be good enough? Would I scar them for life? Could I be a strict enough parent to provide them enough structure so they would be responsible adults? On the other side of the hill now, I was good enough. The experience of parenting them, being their mother is my proudest accomplishment. They are amazing people and I can’t wait to see what the future holds in store for both of them.

Credits: Project Me – Being a Single Mom by Two Tiny Turtles and Cornelia Designs; Always Be Yourself by Two Tiny Turtles; Blissful Stitches – Square by Traci Reed


Season of Change – the word art in this kit made me think of my best friend and the emotions surrounding divorce. She is smiling, happy and at peace. Not to say the experience is not stressful/emotional/difficult but she is dealing with it and maintaining balance in here life.

Credits:  Season of Change Kit and matching Journal Cards by Sugary Fancy and Tickled Pink Studio; Fall Colors Templates by Digital Scrapbook Ingredients


Pure Joy – Divorced person scrapping with lovey, dovey kits = not so easy. I end up scrapping my daughter or my parents or even grandparents old photos. Of course, that is ever so helpful on the self esteem 😉  For this one, I used a cute new photo of Elysse and Jorge at a Dolphins game. I thought the + and = with football would be a fun idea.

Credits:  Sugarcoated Papers and Elements by One Little Bird; NSD Grab Bag 2014 by Sara Gleason


A busy scrappin’ week around here!

Two new ones for Sweet Shoppe:

Bottomless Pit – pizza and fries, enough said

Fridgemonster Bundle by Traci Reed and Studio Flergs; Single 103: Lots of Snapshots 59 by Cindy Schneider

Elephant Ride – I’ve been waiting for a kit to scrap Simone’s elephant ride for her birthday and finally got one!

Animal Kingdom by Digital Scrapbook Ingredients; Say Something by Two Tiny Turtles

Bottomless-Pit-700s Elephant-Ride-700s

For Sweet Shoppe

Be Fabulous You – this kit made me think of the recent senior photo shoot and how Elysse asked her to make funny faces!

Sergeant Sillypants Bundle by Traci Reed and Amanda Yi and 365 Unscripted: Plastic Stitched Grids 1 by Traci Reed

Capture Life – LOVED the camera in the kit! Worked perfectly with some recent photos of Elysse and Sara

Memories Captured by Sugary Fancy and You Are Loved by Two Tiny Turtles

Joyful – more from the senior photos

Choose Joy and matching Journal Cards by Amanda Yi; Sweet on You by Two Tiny Turtles; In Stitches v2 by Erica Zane

Make My Heart Smile – Ru and Rachel are going to have gorgeous collabs!

A Better Place Bundle by Captivated Visions and Studio Basic Designs;  School Time Templates by Digital Scrapbook Ingredients

Be-Fabulous-You-700s Capture-Life-700s Joyful-700s Make-My-Heart-Smile-700s