Layout #2

Itty Bitty Buds: Fall Frolic by Magnolia Street Studios; Scraparazzi Collaboration by the Zig Zag Scrap Designers; Fonts: The Pencil and The Curly Leigh by Heather Hess


Two new ones from Zig Zag Scrap

Journaling reads:
I never get fun mail anymore, it’s just bills, junk mail, credit card offers and the occasional catalog. So I was surprised to get mail from two digisisters this week. Dar sent me tons of journaling cards and shared felties with me. Kathleen sent a big envelope filled with felties and all kinds of other project life goodies. I am so blessed to be part of a group that really GETS me and doesn’t think it’s strange that I can focus so much time and energy documenting my family’s memories in a creative way. In fact, expanding our creative boundaries is what this group is all about. We are always encouraging each other to try new things and grow. So I’ll use my new goodies and dive in..
Center of Attention by Angelclaud ArtRoom; You’ve Got Mail by Pink Reptile Designs;  Fonts: The Everyday by Heather Hess

My Lil’ Monster

Is there any question this would be about Alice?

Journaling reads:
Alice can be so sweet, so stinking angelic… she’ll fall asleep right in the middle of the floor flat on her back, with noise and people walking around.
She STILL shreds the toilet paper in the guest bathroom or tissues from my shoeboxes.
For two years we couldn’t put up a Xmas tree because she kept climbing up it.
Sometimes she can be a pain in the butt! She’ll drink tea out of your glass or meat or fish off your plate.
Scurry Monster Collaboration by River Rose Designs and Just Jaimee; Plant Your Story {Journaled} v1 by Sara Gleason; Font: The Deck by Heather Hess

A layout about Grandma

Because I’ve spent some time in Grandma’s photo box recently I’ve seen a lot of older photos. When I saw the heritage type school kit released by River Rose Designs for One Story Down’s September Block Party it just screamed to scrap one about Grandma.

Journaling reads:
This is my grandmother, Eloise Casteel Grimes at about age 17 – 18. At this point, she had been married for over two years and had a baby son. What a difference two generations makes! Grandma only finished the 8th grade. I’m not sure if it was financial reasons, too difficult to get to school or if she needed to work to support the family. I know she worked when they were first married when Granddaddy was serving in the war. She worked at several jobs while they lived in Chicago and he was in technical school. She managed and owned Herb’s Restaurant in her late 30’s and always helped Granddaddy with big business decisions at the two transmission shops. Imagine what she could have accomplished with a college education! She didn’t let a lack of formal education stop her from being a smart businesswoman.
Behind the Times Papers by River Rose Designs; Behind the Times Elements by River Rose Designs; Behind the Times Alpha by River Rose Designs; Easy Peasy Vol 2 by Little Butterfly Wings; Creative Soul by River Rose Designs; Font: The Leigh by Heather Hess

Another song layout

You ever have one of those songs that you always have to listen to on the radio and sing along, one that just resonates with you because you just FEEL the lyrics.  This is one of them for me, Rodney Atkins He’s Mine.

Shaped Up Stars by Amy Martin; Fall Chevies by Amy Martin; Old Booky Alphas by Amy Martin; Painted Words by Designs by Lili; Mixed Arrows by Designs by Lili; Stringbats by Kim Jensen; Random Moments by Kim Jensen; Strike a Pose by Amy Wolff and Little Butterfly Wings; Lil Poppers by Amy Martin; Stitched Stripes & Stars by Amber Clegg; Blanc Stitches by Amy Martin;  Fonts: The Pencil by Heather Hess