Been too long since I posted

I can’t even remember which layouts I’ve posted and which I haven’t.  I will post three new ones and then look and post what else hasn’t been done.

Two of the layouts are using a new idea at Digital Designer Shop. They are going to have a template, a color swatch inspiration and cardstock every week  or so.  There will also be a coordinating kit to match.  The first one is called Relax, great muted blue, red and green shades.  The template is super versatile too!

Template and all elements Designer Inspiration 1 Relax and coordinating Relax Bundle by Cilenia Curtis at Digital Designer Shop, Font – Black Rose and VT Portable Remington










Template and all elements Designer Inspiration 1 Relax and coordinating Relax Bundle by Cilenia Curtis, Fleur de Lis – Guy Thing Teresa Digi Designs both at Digital Designer Shop, Scout word art – Anna Aspnes, Compass – Jacelen Deinema Camping, Font – VT Portable Remington









The next one is one I’ve been planning about my inability to wear flat shoes any longer, directed by the podiatrist.  I LOVE my flip flops and this is NOT good news for me!

Panophoto Template by Teresa Digi Designs, Papers – Creative Musings Feb 02, 03 & 04 and Basic Sets 01, Ribbon – Color Play 3, Stitching – Days of December, Elements – CM Feb 02 & 04, Tag – Color Play Purple all by Cilenia Curtis both at Digital Designer Shop, Flip Flops – J Barrett Tropical Retreats, Alpha – CD Muckosky Luv Song, Font The Emo Kid Heather Hess

GOT to jot some of this stuff down…

while I can still remember it!  On Friday, Tommy says “Mom, you remember when we were talking about all my extra-curricular activities and how I was over extended?  And we talked about there being no time for a girlfriend?”  {gulp} I say yes.  He says guess what?  A young lady at school asked if he wanted to go to the movies this weekend.  Elysse and I (quietly) pounced on that, peppering him with questions, who is she?  where did you meet her(not in band, in PE and at lunch)?  what’s her name(Ashley)?  did you ask her? etc.  He says she asked him if he’d like to go to the movies.  My ever astute son said yes… then asked if it was a date.  She must have said yes, it was.

He contacted her via Facebook (gee, I can remember talking on the phone doing this) and they set it for Sunday afternoon.  He met her at the mall, where he took her to lunch at McDonald’s (her choice of restaurant), they walked around the mall for a bit, then saw Unknown.  He came home a few hours later.  I asked if he had fun, he did, if he liked her, he does, if he’d go out with her again, he would.

So tonight (Monday) we’re eating dinner and he says, “I’ve only had a girlfriend for 2 days and she already has my stuff.”  Of course, Elysse and I pounce on that again, so is she your girlfriend? did you ask her? how did you ask her? etc.  Elysse wonders if the girl has been trying to get his attention and he’s been clueless which is a distinct possibility. Apparently, he did ask her to be his girlfriend.  He wasn’t clueless, just a little clueless about the process, how to go about the asking parts.  Apparently, she was cold today and he lent her his Patriots jacket.  Well, my friend, he must really like her to let her wear the Patriots jacket!!  We assured him he was to be cold if it meant she was warm and he should just get used to that.

So, my 17 year old son had his first date and has his first girlfriend.

No photos yet.  But I’ll be lurking with my camera somewhere….  a mom’s gotta scrapbook this stuff, right ; )?