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Title Page done

I spent some time last night selecting some templates to use with specific subject matter for the December book. I picked out #5 for the title page and really like how it turned out.  Of course, any more there’s a little tweaking here and there, add something, nope, undo, add something else…  It’s a pretty simple layout almost all from one kit. I’ve been wanting to try the December glitter styles by Honey Scraps and they are GREAT!

Papers, glitter styles and other elements from Days of December by Cilenia Curtis and Honey Scraps at Digital Designer Shop, 2010 Text Path Cilenia Curtis, Template – Tiffany Tillman 25 Days Holiday 2010, Font – Bodoni MT Black









Aida came to my office today to see the newly painted pink office and the zebra rug.  She seemed to like it.  We had lunch at the Thai place, absolutely yummy!

We’re starting to plan New Years Eve now, mexican food menu.


Layouts from the Boat Parade Party

Two more December layouts, this time at Daddy’s boat parade party. Elysse loves to experiment with night photography and she has a great time at the parade each year. She got home from college just in time to attend.  The entire Peralta/Robles clan joined us there. Daddy and Sharon’s house is always chock-full of family (Sharon has SO many siblings) plus golf buddies and family friends.  The table is always filled with food. Everybody shows up with something or more than one something. People gather at the table and eat prior to the actual boats going by. This year’s weather, like the past one was pretty cool but not COLD. When the first signs of lights start, everyone goes outside to watch all the brightly lit boats go by. I stay inside with Sharon and we convert the table from food to desserts for when everyone comes back inside.

Elysse takes the camera out to the dock to take pictures, no tripod necessary. She took pictures around the fire ring with Simone and Stephan.

Template – Tiffany Tillman 25 Days of Dec 2010, Papers, stitching, tag and leaves – Cilenia Curtis Days of December & Snowman, Holly – Katie Pertiet Holiday Foliage, Word art – Karla Dudley Holiday Wordart, Font – Fertigo Pro & Pea Natalie

Back to the 25 Days of December templates!

Template – Tiffany Tillman 25 Days Holiday, Papers and other elements – Images to Ink Winter Concert, Overlay – Honey Scraps Xmas Scuffy Overlays, Font – Fertigo Pro

Finally getting back to my December album.  After what seems like weeks of shopping, cooking and cleaning I can scrap again. Spent about 2 hours organizing a little in ACDSee, a bit of all my Christmas freebie downloading frenzy and some of the other stuff left in my “downloads to unzip” folder.  Then, I broke out the 25 Days templates.  One of the events I wanted to document was Tommy’s Winter Concert. One of my digi-sisters, Joan/Images to Ink created a kit called Winter Concert that was just perfect!  Thanks, Joan!

Next, either his birthday or the holiday baking day.

Christmas Eve!

I am so stuffed that I couldn’t eat another thing if you paid me!  It was a pretty relaxing day for a while.  I was able to sleep in before I had to start the turkey so that was nice. I checked email, uploaded the photos from last night and worked on a few digi Xmas presents. I put the turkey in the oven at 12:30 and it baked until 4:15. It turned out really good! I haven’t cooked the turkey in years because I generally have to work during the day. The kids picked up Simone and Michael and went to play volleyball for a few hours.  I was able to send Tommy to Publix to get ice and iced tea.  THAT was great because I certainly didn’t want to have to go!

Family started showing up at about 5 ish, weighted down with food and presents. We followed some of the photo tips and took our family pictures early on after they arrived instead of before they left when they are tired.  Turns out we forgot to get someone to take a picture of us!  So we broke out the new camera remote and did it ourselves.

We had traditional Christmas fare, turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes and gravy, pineapple casserole, Delba’s sweet potato casserole, green beans, squash, cranberries and Parker House rolls.  Then we sorted all the gifts and opened presents. For us, Christmas Eve is mostly for the kids but I also exchange gifts with my mom and Ed then too. Our kids have a such a varied age range that we had moon dough and Victoria’s Secret gift cards! It is always fun to see Connor and Mackenzie open their gifts and get excited over the toys and books. Then it was dessert time! I got cake dots from a new bakery near the office and we had pecan pie, pumpkin pie and Reese’s peanut butter cheesecake. We cranked up the coffee pot and had some apple cider too. Then the kids pulled out the game Catch Phrase and everyone joined in to play. Lots of fists raised in victory and laughter.  I really enjoyed watching that part.

Then after everyone left we cleaned up and got a little organized for tomorrow morning. I put the gifts under the tree and Elysse set the table for Christmas breakfast. As I’m typing away here, I’m getting emails about digi gift certificates to my favorite stores.  Looks like Mrs. Santa is doing a little digi shopping! I’m looking forward to watching the kids open their gifts tomorrow. Kids are what Christmas is all about!

Merry Christmas!

Holiday lights

Shimelle’s class definitely gets you thinking about your feelings, the things you see and do during the holidays. I was remembering as a child we used to drive around and look at the Christmas lights. I wanted to walk around our neighborhood at night and take photos. So the whole family goes, Elysse and I with our cameras. I borrowed ed’s 50mm, the nice 1.4 one and the shots were great. I found I got better results with no flash unless far away, then I could use the night landscape mode. We had a lot of fun! It was cold! Okay, cold for us!

So here is where I’d attach some of the really cool shots we took! I have ones of Tommy with lights in the background, really cool tealish lights, ones of Elysse taking photos, and about 10 or 15 very nice colorful shots of lights… Unfortunately this iPad has the best of me! Apparently, I can blog in bed but can’t figure this part out yet! I’ll attach tomorrow from the computer. THAT I know how to doM