It’s been a long time since I’ve posted

It’s been about a month and a half… I had a little epiphany during that time, I was spending all together too many hours blogging, promoting, social media scheduling and all-in-all talking about other people’s scrapbooking than I was actually doing what made me happy. So I made a few changes about how my free time is being spent. And trust me, there is less of it with the pupster around!

I also realized another thing, too – I missed storytelling! I used to be one who included more journaling than the average bear on a page but I’d gotten away from it because I usually had a small amount of time to GET something finished. I wasn’t telling stories, I was just scrapping with products. I’m trying to do that more intentionally now, with the focus on stories again.

So let me get caught up with the pages done since early February. You’ll notice where my inner storyteller gets her butt back in gear!


Aviator by Amber Labau and JennCK Designs; Simply Sweet Templates by Miss Fish Templates

Brightest Hues

Brighter Days Kit, Journal Cards and Paint Set and Pocket Stories 8 Templates from Etc by Danyale

Cutie – and he is!

Ladies Man by Kristin Cronin-Barrow and Shawna Clingerman


Cityscape by Studio Basic Designs and Little Butterfly Wings; Butterfly Basics DIY Edition Alphas by Little Butterfly Wings; Half Life Set 5 by Brook Magee

Flamingo – an all-about-me page realizing I’m adding more color to my life

Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful by WendyP Designs

Less More

#socialaddiction by Studio Basic Designs and Just Jaimee

Lick the Bowl

Sweetest Thing Bundle by Studio Basic Designs and Little Butterfly Wings; Crystal’s Layered Templates set 4 by Crystal Livesay

Me Right Now

Duly Noted Elements, Papers and Journaling Cards plus bits from Agenda, Around Here, Candid, Click and Daily Bulletin all from One Little Bird; Template from Amy Martin (retired)

Mommy’s Sweetheart

This Thing Called Love Templates, Pocket Cards and Word Art, This Thing Called Love – Create Crate Monthly Feb 17 Styles, Hole Foods Papers and Elements all by Mommyish

Practice Makes Perfect – working on Elysse’s ballet album for Project Scrap at Scrapaneers

Shutterbug from One Little Bird; Tall and Funky from Miss Fish Templates


He’s a Trooper by Amanda Yi and WendyP Designs

Senior Duet

Queen of the Beam by Misty Cato and Fun With Shapes: Waves by Crystal Livesay


She Persisted

You Are Fierce Bundle by Mommyish

Turned the Corner – about Obi

True Story by Blagovesta Gosheva, Captivated Visions and Grace Lee; Single 160 – Good Dog by Cindy Schneider and bits from Pawprints On My Heart by River Rose Designs

ZZZ – about Elysse’s never ending work and school schedule

Never Enough Hours by Captivated Visions and On a Whimsical Adventure; Layered Templates Set 5 by Crystal Livesay; Paperclip Alpha by On a Whimsical Adventure

Let’s catch up a bit

Archery Lesson

Let the Games Begin by Kristin Cronin-Barrow and Libby Pritchett; Photostrips by Miss Fish Templates (coming soon)

Just the Beginning

Everyday Flair, Block Party and matching Pocket Cards all by Amber LaBau; word art bits from MPM Grow, Bloom, Chapter, Composition, Mosaic, Viewpoint and Status

Last Days of Summer

This Month Captured August 2016 by Mommyish; Template: Layered Up 4 Pack by Miss Fish Templates (coming soon); Font: True North

Paniq Room

Hide and Seek Elements, Papers and Story Grids vol 3 from Amber LaBau; Memory Pockets Monthly: Discover from Amber LaBau, Allison Pennington, Paislee Press, Sahlin Studio, Sara Gleason and Valorie Wibbens

Pokemon Go

Catch ‘Em All by Traci Reed and Studio Flergs; EZ Albums v12 by Erica Zane

Storage Units

What A Mess Elements, Papers and Journal Cards from Little Butterfly Wings; Half n Half Templates from Miss Fish Templates (coming soon): Font: Roble

Taste the World

Roam Papers, Elements and Journal Cards from One Little Bird; Journal Card Focus 3-4 Pack from Miss Fish Templates (coming soon); Font: Roble

Wild Beautiful Place

Desert Drifter Bundle by Kristin Cronin-Barrow and Brook Magee; Template: Miss Fish Templates Friday Freebie 072916 available on FB; Font: New Girl in Town by Darcy Baldwin

Archery-Lesson-700s Just-the-Beginning-600s Last-Days-of-Summer-600 Paniq-Room-600s Pokemon-Go-700s Storage-Units-700s Taste-the-World-600s Wild-Beautiful-Place-700s


A few new pages

Cruise to Mexico – Elysse’s last cruise

Destinations: Vol 3 – Bundle from Studio Flergs and Studio Basic Designs; It’s My Life no 5 by Two Tiny Turtles; Font: Special Elite

For Sale – officially on the market

A New Day by Two Tiny Turtles; It’s a Plan Collab from the Sweet Shoppe Designers

Reach for the Stars – Tommy’s college graduation

Outer Limits Papers, Elements and Pocket Cards along with Story Grid Freebie 2 all by Amber LaBau; Font: Special Elite

This Day in History – kind of the highlights of Tommy’s graduation day

Per Diem Papers, Elements and Cards from Sara Gleason; Pocket Stories 6 from Etc by Danyale; bits from Archetype and Why from Sara Gleason; Font: Special Elite

What a Day – Tommy’s last day of college

It’s a Good Day Bundle by Amanda Yi and Sugary Fancy; Catch the Stars by Two Tiny Turtles; Font: Special Elite

Wonderful Ordinary Day – more gorgeous photos of Elysse and Jorge

The Magic of Everyday Bundle from Blagovesta Gosheva and Pieces of My Heart from Erica Zane; Font: Hello Lucky

You Do You – Tommy’s graduation

Character Study Elements, Papers and Journal Cards by One Little Bird; iNSD Grab Bag by Sara Gleason and Crystal Livesay; bits and pieces from Daily Bulletin, How It Began, Just the Beginning, Per Diem, Positive Spin, Silver Linings, Stargazer, Story Unfolds and This Magic Moment all by One Little Bird; Font: Special Elite




Almost two weeks again

Busy, busy around here. Tax season has started which always brings a little more fun to the table 😉

Let’s get a few of my recent ones posted here on the old blog:

Connected – how much fun it is to be connected to the kids via texting

Be Connected Papers and Elements, March 2016 BYOC Styles, Templated Trio 4 all from Mommyish

Paradise – Elysse’s cruise

Destinations Vol 2 by Studio Basic Designs and Studio Flergs; Love You More Templates by Two Tiny Turtles

Peaceful and Perfect – some of Tommy’s Philmont photos from last summer

Elysian Elements and Papers, Flight Plan no 29 and bits from Click, How It Began, Per Diem, Still Life and This and That all from One Little Bird; Font: Roble

Smile Big – our family photo shoot in Wynwood

Laugh Often Bundle by Studio Basic Designs and Little Butterfly Wings; EZ Albums 12 and matching stitching by Erica Zane; Font: Loveton

The Look – had to find a use for the silly photos we just took!

Duo 33 – It Is Well by Brook Magee; Mamarazzi by Blagovesta Gosheva and Two Tiny Turtles

Time to Go – about getting ready to sell the house

Block Party Papers, Elements and Pocket Cards and Story Grids v7 all by Amber LaBau; March 2016 BYOC Styles (for title) by Mommyish



Two weeks of layouts

2015 Week 3

Story Grids vol 7 and Counting the Weeks vol 2 by Amber LaBau; Memory Pockets Monthly: Adore and Chapter by Amber LaBau, Allison Pennington, Paislee Press, Sahlin Studio, Sara Gleason and Valorie Wibbens; Font: Andes Regular

All You Need – It’s a week for scrapping Jedi

Half Pack 146: i heart u 10 by Cindy Schneider; Bow Wow Bundle by Digilicious Design

History of Ever – Elysse and Jorge had some gorgeous shots from their most recent cruise

Chéri Elements, Papers and Journaling Cards by One Little Bird; February 2016 Template Challenge by Little Butterfly Wings

My Person – another cruise photo

Just the Way You Are Bundle by Studio Basic Designs

Sick Baby – Jedi, my baby

Medic: Bundle by Dream Big Designs; 365 Unscripted: Stitched Grids 1 by Traci Reed

2016 Week 3 Left6002016 Week 3 Right600


AND I started 2016!

I went with the “pre week 1” concept this year… putting the 1st through 3rd on a separate page at the front of the album and then moving on from there.

Last year, I used my custom handwriting font for my PL. I’m going to change it up for 2016 and use a different one. It’s not that I don’t want to use my handwriting, I’ve found that I like to include a lot of words on my pages and I want to continue that. When I use my font (like my own handwriting… I’m aware 😉 ) it’s enormous and it’s difficult to fit as many words as I’d like.

Good Things Elements and Papers, Arboretum Viewpoint and Arboretum Folio Alpha by Sara Gleason; Thrive Journal Cards and Elements by One Little Bird; Fonts: Andes Regular and Loveton


Another year of scrapbooking started!

Over the past week, I’ve gotten 2 layouts and three WEEKS of pocket stuff done! I’m bound and determined to get more caught up with the PL layouts in 2016. This layout is about some of my goals for 2016.

More of This

Thrive Elements, Papers and Journal Cards by One Little Bird; Chrysanthemum by Sara Gleason; Font: Modernica Regular