AND I started 2016!

I went with the “pre week 1” concept this year… putting the 1st through 3rd on a separate page at the front of the album and then moving on from there.

Last year, I used my custom handwriting font for my PL. I’m going to change it up for 2016 and use a different one. It’s not that I don’t want to use my handwriting, I’ve found that I like to include a lot of words on my pages and I want to continue that. When I use my font (like my own handwriting… I’m aware 😉 ) it’s enormous and it’s difficult to fit as many words as I’d like.

Good Things Elements and Papers, Arboretum Viewpoint and Arboretum Folio Alpha by Sara Gleason; Thrive Journal Cards and Elements by One Little Bird; Fonts: Andes Regular and Loveton


I finished 2015!

I think I did 5 or more weeks of PL in a short amount of time to try to get caught up for the beginning of the year. I don’t want to get that far behind again!

2015 Week 53

Ready To Go 12×12 Pocket Page Templates Weeks 49 to 53 – Storyteller Riley Add-on; Bits from Storyteller Riley Collection and Storyteller January 2016 Collection and Storyteller 2015 Everyday Stamps all by Just Jaimee


It’s January already

It’s been a fairly busy beginning to the year for me. Work starts ramping up for all the end of year tax returns. My CT stuff has a lot of admin anymore and I’m still getting used to all the scheduling and trying to find a little bit of scrap time, too.

I managed to get the tree down and all the ornaments put away which always seems like such an onerous task. But the last vestiges of the holidays are put away, to be put up in the attic in a bit.

I did get a little scrapping done this week.

Friends for Life

Old Friends by Red Ivy and Sugary Fancy; The Lucky Ones by Two Tiny Turtles; Font: Loveton

Got This 2016

Make It Happen Collab January 2016 Storyteller Add-On from Just Jaimee and Mommyish; Template: Storyteller Bryce 2015 by Just Jaimee; Font: Modernica Regular



It’s the home stretch

I can’t believe I’m pretty much caught up now. The only week that isn’t done is the one that finished yesterday. In my book, that’s caught up!

2015 Week 52

Pocket Life ’15 December Collection, Pocket Life ’15 Holiday Collection and a couple of word strips from Pocket Life ’15 September Collection all from Traci Reed; EZ Albums v12 and coordinating stitching by Erica Zane

2015 Week 52 Left6002015 Week 52 Right600

THREE weeks done!

2015 Week 49

Captured: Life, Captured: Love and Captured: Memories with Cutsie Kraft Alpha and Ampersand Craze all by Shawna Clingerman; It’s My Life 2016 Templates from Two Tiny Turtles; #believeinmagic: Galaxy Wars Collection by Amber Shaw and Studio Flergs

2015 Week 50

Storyteller Riley: Collection; Stacked Pocket Cards 28 6×4 Add-on; Quick Frames 10 – Riley Add-on; Templates from the Storyteller 2016 Welcome Bag all by Just Jaimee

2015 Week 51

Memory Pockets Monthly: Magic by Amber LaBau, Allison Pennington, Paislee Press, Sahlin Studio, Sara Gleason and Valorie Wibbens; Story Grids v2 and St. Nicholas by Amber LaBau; Bits from Hoppy Birthday – Lilypad Collab and Golden, My Tribe, My Wish for You and The Good Stuff all by Amber LaBau

2015 Week 49 Left6002015 Week 49 Right6002015 Week 50 Left6002015 Week 50 Right6002015 Week 51 Left6002015 Week 51 Right600

Another year of scrapbooking started!

Over the past week, I’ve gotten 2 layouts and three WEEKS of pocket stuff done! I’m bound and determined to get more caught up with the PL layouts in 2016. This layout is about some of my goals for 2016.

More of This

Thrive Elements, Papers and Journal Cards by One Little Bird; Chrysanthemum by Sara Gleason; Font: Modernica Regular