3 more layouts

These three are for One Story Down

Ice Castle

Everyday Matters by River Rose Designs; Strike a Pose by Amy Wolff and Little Butterfly Wings;  Fonts: The Sort of Serif by Heather Hess

Key to My Heart

Gather Together by Snips and Snails Designs and Aimee Harrison Designs Studio;  Fonts: The Boldstroke Serif by Heather Hess

Me Right Now  for the All About Me Challenge for November Block Party/DSD at One Story Down

Simply Olli by Peeps & Milo; Pretty Awesome Items by Caroline S; Set Me Free Stackers by Sissy Sparrows; Tapey Frames by Flutter Expressions; Sweater Weather by Valorie Brown; Set Me Free Papers by Sissy Sparrows; Sweater Weather The Elements by Valorie Brown;  Fonts: The Guy with the Fast Red Car by Heather Hess


Another designer I love

I’ve followed One Story Down (www.onestorydown.com) since they opened. The more artsy style appeals to me, it’s where I want to branch out, try something new. The site features several very artsy-type designers and it’s been fun to look at their products. I’ve picked up some here and there along the way, always seeming to notice the ones by Lauren Reid, Little Butterfly Wings and River Rose Designs. River Rose had a kit a week or so ago with science elements called Smarty Pants and we all KNOW I collect just about all the science kits I can. Look for a layout with that one as soon as I get a few new “sciency” photos from Elysse, (hint, hint).

So when I saw a CT call for River Rose Designs I debated for almost a week on whether or not to apply. Somehow, I wasn’t looking forward to another rejection but I did apply. So I opened my email on Friday morning, saw the title line and opened it expecting another NO but I was excited to see that she thought I would fit right in!

Then it was Facebook groups and registering and welcoming and reading the instructions to figure out what to do next.  Every group is different. The ladies here are so nice and helpful, it’s going to be a lot of fun to work with them.

So here are my first two using her kits. The fall kit just called out for Thanksgiving to me. The artsy one I decided to use photo-less and more like an art journal page for me.

Thankgiving Portraits

On The Wind by River Rose Designs; September Template Challenge by River Rose Designs; Fonts: The Royal Invites by Heather Hess

Art and Soul

Journaling reads:
If you ask me if I am artsy, my knee-jerk response would be NO! But when I show off what I do in my spare time to others, THEY think that I am. How will I ever overcome the feeling that I’m not artistic? I guess pulling bits and pieces from different designers together onto one canvas that tells MY story should count for something. Maybe it’s because I don’t create anything myself, the initial ideas aren’t mine. But I do what I do best, pick and choose, add and subtract, move it around, add a short or long story, get it just right and it makes me happy. That it makes me happy is what is important. Maybe this is one time I need to listen to what other people say about my creativity and not the little voice in my head that says I’m not an artist…
Creative Soul by River Rose Designs; Marigold by Sara Gleason; Trellis by Sara Gleason;  Font: The Lynnette by Heather Hess


Disney Movies

As soon as I saw the felt prince, horse and the suit of armor in this kit I just knew what to do with it!

Journaling reads:
Whenever I see a commercial about movies coming out of the “Disney Vault” it takes me back to the kids childhood. The tv in our house was playing Disney movies probably about 70 % of the time. We watched ‘em all! And we watched them A LOT!! New ones like Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin and Toy Story and the classics like these movies. When I got sick of watching those awful Land Before Time movies with the squealing dinosaurs, I would pull out a classic that we would watch for days. I always loved Pete’s Dragon, more of the musical classic of the past with Helen Reddy singing and children playing. Sleeping Beauty had witch/fairies, a prince and a princess waiting for a kiss. Bedknobs and Broomsticks was just a precursor to the Harry Potter books. Angela Lansbury played a good witch who assisted in the war effort and grew to love an orphaned family. At one point, she used a spell to make the suits of armor walk. Professor McGonogall also used a spell in the last HP movie to make the stone soldiers walk and said she’d always wanted to try that spell! I still love my Disney movies!
Whip It Up Fast Bundle by Amy Martin; Chivalry by Kaye Winiecki; Flaming Mango by Kaye Winiecki; Mist and Paint by Kaye Winiecki;  Fonts: The Deck by Heather Hess


the other side

Right side – Template Tiny Toes Designs Life Documented, Papers & elements  – Lauren Grier & Shawna Clingerman I Believe, Wordart and ribbon – Jenn Barrette Kitschy Christmas Daily December, Ali Edwards Life In Pictures, Karla Dudley Holiday Brushes, Robyn Meierotto Wordart Santa, Stitching – Quirky Twirp DSD, Tree – Get Digi Christmas Treasures, Date – Katie Pertiet Pinned December Dates #1, Font – The Wolff by Heather Hess

December 1st

I thought the way I might do my Holiday album this year would be to include more of Shimelle’s Journal Your Christmas class than I was able to squeeze in last year.  Last year, I was trying to do 25 Days of December and JYC and it was a LOT to do.  I have been collecting Sara Gleason (and Crystal Livesay) templates all year long and thought they would be perfect for this.  My traditional style is lots of photos and fewer embellishments and I’ve been trying to practice using more papers/embellishments/clusters recently.  I’ve acquired  {ahem…} a few Christmas kits to use but I always find it tough to limit myself.  So it’ll probably be a mish-mash like usual.

So, onto the Decembering:

I will believe in

I will be grateful for

I will always remember

The prompts for Journal Your Christmas Dec 1st.  Sort of like the “why” of doing a December album this year.  It really made me think.  Why is this holiday season different that last year or even different from next year? What DO I want to remember?

Every passing month I realize I’m closer to the time that I won’t have the kids around as much over the holidays.  It won’t be too long and they’ll both just come over a few times in December and I’ll be REALLY HAPPY to actually be with them at Christmas.  What will that be like?  Will I be okay with it?  Or will I be sad?  Then, I think at some point there will be little ones and of course, they’ll want Grandma to be there.  What will THAT be like?  Little ones… Santa Claus… cookies, milk and carrots… running all over town to find the THING they asked for… little hands opening presents… living room looking like a grenade went off… and I get to go home.

And I realize that this is life’s cycle.  This is what is in store for me… and it will be wonderful when I get there!

So, I will believe that love, family and friendship can make everything better.

I will be grateful for every day spent with my children, my parents and my family and friends.

I will always remember just how lucky I am.

As for today, I want to remember that Tommy came home from his OA meeting and just needed to vent.  Soon, he’ll have to text me to do that like Elysse does and it’s just not the same as in person.  He ended up having a cinnamon roll and some iced tea to relax before starting his homework.

Elysse texted me today because she had been doing research about just the right antenna bopper to get Tommy for Christmas.  And that makes me happy that they love each other so much.

More P365

My goals for the holiday weekend:  eat as much holiday goodies as I can hold, decorate the house for Christmas and catch up on this P365 (because if I don’t do it now, I just won’t have time!).  So now I’m two weeks closer to that goal:

Templates – Joey Lynn Designs and Wild Blueberry Ink P365, Papers and elements- The Daily Digi Good Life, Word art – Karla Dudley Remarkable and Suddenly Artistic Designs Document Today, Stitching – Cilenia Curtis Valentine’s Love, Font – Fertigo Pro








AND trust me, I accomplished goal one!  The house is decorated except for decorations on the tree.  We weren’t sure if we’d actually be able to have a tree this year. Last year was Alice’s first Christmas with us and she considered the tree to be a climbing station.  We weren’t sure how she’d react this year.

Unfortunately, “her greatness” is a little chubby to be climbing around in our little thin tree.  Still not sure if we’ll keep it up.  We’ll give it a day or so to see.


A blast from Elysse’s past

Ever since I started scanning older photos, I’ve occasionally run across one or two that I’ve tagged with a “to scrap” tag because they’ve been just TOO CUTE for words.  These Barney photos are some of them. It’s not that I haven’t scrapped that time of the kids lives but that was pre LOM back when I was doing everything chronologically.  I’m sure they are scrapped somewhere but not with the same emotion that I can work up almost 20 years later when remembering that “I Love You” song with its smarmy lyrics.  It deserved a revisit!

Template – Tiffany Tillman 52 Templates, Papers – Bits O’Scrap Halloween Blog Train, Jesse Edwards Traditionalist, Images to Ink Music, Border – Michelle Coleman Glitter Border, Word Art – Designs by Lili Painted Words, Scrap Artist Collab, Stitches – Scrap Orchard All About Me, Angela Sharrow Jurassic Art, Star – Flergs SYTYCD, Flower – Lisa Sisneros HDGS, Tab – Amy Martin Filed and Filled, Music Note – Leora Sanford Web Challenge, Title done with TextFx class by Tiffany Tillman, Fonts – Futura Lt BT and Impact