An Elysse layout

Some kits I just HAVE to get… this Science Lab kit by One Little Bird was one of them!  It was absolutely perfect for Elysse and her college studies. It was fun to see it in One Little Bird’s blog post as well.  Elysse took a photo of the introductory speech she prepared for her SI classes for Project Life and I knew I wanted to include it in her scrapbook too.  Thanks Jorge for attending class with her to give me photos to scrap with!!

Telling It by Amy Martin; Science Lab Papers by One Little Bird; Science Lab Elements by One Little Bird; Torn Tape Dates by Kim Jensen; Stringbats 2 by Kim Jensen; Wicked Smart by The Lilypad Collab; Fonts: The Royal Invites by Heather Hess



Some layouts from the past

I was inspired to look into the boxes of Grandma’s photos that I have in the living room.  They sit in the corner and they don’t STARE at me or call to me as a job to do so it was an okay thing to open them up.  I found three of Daddy’s report cards from Orlo Vista (the same elementary school that I attended), several school photos and even his graduation announcements.  Then I found his senior portraits so had to scrap something!  The BYOC at the Lilypad in September is a back to school theme but Sahlin Studio had some heritage-type school ephemera that I just had to work with.  Then, Michelle Godin’s old book papers worked perfectly too.

Daddy Graduation 1961

By the Book by Michelle Godin; Wicked Smart by The Lilypad Collab; Snipettes: Explore Learn Grow by Sahlin Studio; Smart Cookie by Michelle Godin; Worn by One Little Bird and Sahlin Studio Collab; Worn Clusters by One Little Bird and Sahlin Studio Collab;  Apple Tree by Sara Gleason; So This Is Love by Sahlin Studio; Time Ticking Away by Lauren Grier;  Fonts: The Sketchy Serif by Heather Hess

Orlo Vista 1950

Journaling reads:
I found several of Daddy’s report cards in Grandma’s box of memories, each of them from his elementary school years here.
I didn’t realize until then that we attended the same elementary school, Orlo Vista. It was fun to see all the stuff she had collected.
Daddy also attended school during the years they were in Chicago.
Elmwood by Sara Gleason; School Time Papers by Sahlin Studio; School Ephemera Stacks by Sahlin Studio; Open Polaroids: Yearly Steps by Amy Martin; Drafty Alphas by Amy Martin;  Fonts: The Royal Invites by Heather Hess




When I saw the Paris word art and tickets from Little Butterfly Wings this week, I ran to the photos to be scanned!  I’ve been trying to jump around to all different subjects as the mood struck me and some of my travels with Grandma really need to be documented. All these tickets were an excellent place to start!  Then, Allison Pennington came out with some template starters in more of an eclectic style, one I’ve been dying to try, so I got to work. I actually did it during the time constraints of a Facebook speed scrap at the Lilypad.  Because I knew I wanted to use the Paris stuff, I scanned photos before the speed scrap started.

Having a Facebook speed scrap was a little different, I miss the conversation, the chit-chat in the chat room while we are all deciding what items to use, etc. But I did manage to SQUEAK into getting it done by the deadline.

I do LOVE how it turned out!  I had these photos but wasn’t sure what items of scenery some of them were.  Some had notes on the back, some not. The internet is a beautiful thing to help identify things!

For the Love of Templates Easy Eclectic by Allison Pennington; Simply Fall by Lauren Grier; From Paris With Love by Little Butterfly Wings;  Fonts: The Wolff, The Alice by Heather Hess  all at the Lilypad

A college layout

One of the radio stations I  listen to on the way to work plays a huge variety of songs from the 60’s up to today. One morning the song “We Are Family” came on and I was singing along “dancing” in my seat.  It definitely took me back to my college days and marching band! The brothers and sisters from the band sorority and fraternity would all get up and dance when this song was played. My first year I didn’t pledge, waited until my second year. I was a little envious of their strong relationships. I was lucky to pledge and become a member my second year.  Then I could get up and dance!!

Journaling reads:
Every time I hear this disco song from the 80’s, it brings to mind my college days with the UCF Marching Band. Marching bands have sororities and fraternities just like social ones at universities. Tau Beta Sigma is the sorority and Kappa Kappa Psi is the fraternity. I didn’t pledge TBS my first year as I was pledging AXO and thought it would be too much. It turns out to have been a good decision. I pledged my second year with Liza and Mimi, both good friends. Because I was becoming best friends with Lynne (already a TBS sister) and was around her friends all the time my pledgehood was pretty easy. The first year I envied the camaraderie of the brothers and sisters. The next year I was one of them! After football games (we always lost back in those days) we would have parties for band members at people’s homes. They would play this song and all the brothers and sisters would get up and do a line dance. When we were out there it did feel like family!  My feet still start to move when I hear this song even after all these years…
Grow with Love Letters Edition {July} by Sara Gleason; Season of Giving by Sahlin Studio; So This Is Love by Sahlin Studio; Geek Boy by Micheline Martin; For the Record by Valorie Wibbens; Quickly Outlined by Kaye Winiecki; Together Forever by Little Butterfly Wings and Boutique Cute Doll Collab;  Fonts: The Lynnette by Heather Hess

Some scanned photos

One Little Bird released a kit this week in the peach and blue color scheme about your first home.  Well, as it turns out my first home was peach and blue! I thought that was too much of a coincidence to pass up. I had already scanned some photos from that time period but scanned a few more to get them all done.  I do like how it turned out!

Journaling reads:
I was finishing my masters degree and knew I wanted to have my own space. My parents (who I understand NOW didn’t want me to move too far away) invested in a new duplex. It was the prettiest lot up on a hill with a huge, old oak tree. Liza was my roommate. At that point, I wouldn’t have guessed that it would be the home where I started my married life. That it would see me pregnant twice. This is where we brought Elysse home from the hospital. I was happy and sad to say goodbye to our first home but we needed more space when Tommy  joined our family.
These Walls by One Little Bird; Narrative by One Little Bird; Borderline 3 by Lauren Grier;  Fonts: The Deck by Heather Hess; Life {Documented} Volume 1 by Sara Gleason

A layout about Mom

I’ve always wondered why I didn’t inherit the “green thumb” gene from Mom.  I mean she can bring back a plant from the brink of death!  I can’t even grow a house plant that is SUPPOSED to be a house plant.  Let’s just say when I got yard of the month it was a big surprise to EVERYONE including me and my family!

Whip It Up Fast Bundle by Amy Martin; No Place Like Gnome by Kate Hadfield; Waiting for Fall by Valorie Wibbens; Great Outdoors by Kate Hadfield; Tackling Nature by Kate Hadfield; Mimi’s Stitched Alpha Brights by Becca Bonneville;  Fonts: The Deck by Heather Hess



Another Philmont layout

Journaling reads:
Part of the camp program at Pueblano is spar pole climbing. The staff demonstrates how to do it first, then each member of the group suits up with the gear to try it on their own. The spikes that attach to the boots are called gaffes and help you to grip the pole. The objective is to climb the 30 foot spar (like a telephone pole), get to the top and kiss the cari (carabiner). It took you about 3 minutes to make the trip. This was your first experience with spar pole climbing as you didn’t participate during your last Philmont trek. Even though heights are not your favorite, you really enjoyed the view at the top!
Whip It Up Fast Bundle by Amy Martin; Woodgrain Alpha by Sahlin Studio; Punched Words by Sabrina Dupre; Travel Mixed Media by Sahlin Studio; Snipettes:  Travel by Sahlin Studio; Snipettes:  Enjoy the Moment by Sahlin Studio; The Good Life Word Art by Sahlin Studio; Around the World by Sahlin Studio and Britt-ish Designs; Forever Young Papers by Little Butterfly Wings; Hello, Goodbye: Papers by Michelle Godin; Vintage Maps USA by Michelle Godin; Tackling Nature by Kate Hadfield; Tackling Nature by Kaye Winiecki;  by ; Borderline 3 by Lauren Grier;  Fonts: The Everyday by Heather Hess