Not creating a whole lot anymore…

Not enough free time in the day right now. But over the last month I have managed to scrap a little bit.

Cozy in Your Bed

Snuggle Up Elements, Papers and Journal Cards, It’s Not About You Borders and Flairs all by Little Butterfly Wings; Square Dance by Miss Fish Templates

Dec 07 Nutcracker

MPM: Magic by Allison Pennington, Amber LaBau, Paislee Press, Sahlin Studio, Sara Gleason and Valorie Wibbens; Story Grids v6 by Amber LaBau

Drone Captured

#SoBasic Bundle by Mommyish; Goes Around by Miss Fish Templates

I’m in Love

Love Note Kit and Pocket Cards, MPM: Crush Layer Styles and Templated Trio no9 all by Mommyish

My Constant

X’s and O’s by Mommyish and Sabrina’s Creations; Sectional Templates by Miss Fish Templates

NYD Football 2017

Document All The Things: Bundle by Amanda Yi, Digilicious Design and Two Tiny Turtles; 1st and 10 and Stitched Grids 2 by Traci Reed

Simple Pleasures

Life’s Little Pleasures – a Sweet Shoppe Designs collab; Half Pack 146 I Heart U 10 by Cindy Schneider

The Sass Is Strong

A Little Bit Sassy and A Little Bit Sweet Bundle by Kristin Cronin-Barrow; 365 Unscripted: Plastic Stitched Grids 2 by Traci Reed

cozy-in-your-bed-600 drone-captured-600 im-in-love-600s nutcracker-dec07-700

my-constant_600 nyd-football-700 simple-pleasures-700 the-sass-is-strong-700s


Well, I haven’t totally forgotten

how to scrapbook, so I’m pretty darn pleased about that. I’ve completed 7 pages since my last post and I can share 6 of them now.

On an exciting note, I got two PL spreads done! I’m trying the “stay current and then work backwards approach” that a lot of people suggest when you get behind. I have found that a little bit of hindsight isn’t a bad thing when doing these weekly pocket spreads because you know what comes next. But the memory just isn’t so perfect on all those little details anymore. And my photo catalog isn’t helping. So many times the date imports as today and not when that photo was taken and then I have to spend time figuring out where to move it.

2016 Week 18 – back in time to the week of Tommy’s graduation and Mother’s Day

Believe in Magic Love Adventure Collection with Amber Shaw and Studio Flergs; It’s My Life 2016 #5 by Two Tiny Turtles; Font: Andes

2016 Week 38 – a current week

Now and Then Collab Bundle from Etc by Danyale and Little Butterfly Wings; Project Temps no 2 by Amanda Yi; Font: Andes

Burn In Hell Patches – a story Tommy brought home from Philmont along with a bowtie ūüėČ because you can’t NOT scrapbook a story about setting a stuffed bear on fire

Real Life in Pockets: Say What ?! by Mommyish and Just Jaimee; Photo Frenzy October from Miss Fish Templates; Font: Roble


DSD 2016 Grab Bag by Sara Gleason & Crystal Livesay; Blithe Papers and Elements by Sara Gleason; Font: True North



Let’s see if I remember how to do this…

To say I’m in a scrapping drought would be an understatement. So let’s get caught up on what I’ve made for the last couple of weeks.

I’d love to say I’m going to scrap more… I guess we’ll just have to wait and see

Best Is Yet To Come

2017 Calendar Bundle from Studio Basic Designs and Two Tiny Turtles and Dream Big Little One by Two Tiny Turtles

Good Friends & Great Adventures

Moments: Adventure Collection from Amber Shaw; Among the Stacks from Miss Fish Templates; Font: Bohemian Typewriter

I Must Go

Moments: Adventure Collection from Amber Shaw; Journal Card Focus 3 from Miss Fish Templates; Font: Bohemian Typewriter

Lulu Pants

Diamonds Up by Miss Fish Templates; Bright and Bold by Sugary Fancy

Pecan Pie

Special Ingredient: Love Collection by Studio Basic Designs and Mommyish; Photo Frenzy Harvest by Miss Fish Templates

Thanksgiving 2015 Top Five

Gather by Kristin Cronin-Barrow, Brook Magee and Studio Basic Designs; List It by Miss Fish Templates; Fonts: Channel and Roble



Well, how the heck did I get THIS FAR behind…

Time to catch posting some layouts here:

Boys and Their Toys – his airsoft hobby

Hello Handsome by Little Butterfly Wings; Template from Miss Fish Templates (coming soon)


Peace and Love kit and matching Paint, Shades of White Papers both from Etc by Danyale; Round and Round by Miss Fish Templates (see her FB, coming soon); Font: Heartwell


Butterfly Basics – Celebration Edition Bundle by Little Butterfly Wings; Template: Photo Frenzy Blocked by Miss Fish Templates (coming soon); Font: Monday

Fun Weekend in Miami

#Weekend: Bundle by Amanda Yi, Studio Basic Designs and Two Tiny Turtles; Template from Miss Fish Templates (coming soon); Font: Special Elite

Note to Self

Note to Self Collection by Studio Basic Designs


Think Hippie Thoughts by Amanda Yi and Studio Basic Designs; Here Comes the Sun by Two Tiny Turtles; Font: Heart and Soul

Boys-and-Their-Toys-600s Breathe-600s ConGRADulations-600s

Fun-In-Miami-700s Note-To-Self-700s Shine-700s

A few new pages

Cruise to Mexico – Elysse’s last cruise

Destinations: Vol 3 –¬†Bundle¬†from Studio Flergs and Studio Basic Designs; It’s My Life no 5 by Two Tiny Turtles; Font: Special Elite

For Sale – officially on the market

A New Day by Two Tiny Turtles; It’s a Plan Collab from the Sweet Shoppe Designers

Reach for the Stars – Tommy’s college graduation

Outer Limits Papers, Elements and Pocket Cards along with Story Grid Freebie 2 all by Amber LaBau; Font: Special Elite

This Day in History – kind of the highlights of Tommy’s graduation day

Per Diem Papers, Elements and Cards from Sara Gleason; Pocket Stories 6 from Etc by Danyale; bits from Archetype and Why from Sara Gleason; Font: Special Elite

What a Day – Tommy’s last day of college

It’s a Good Day Bundle by Amanda Yi and Sugary Fancy; Catch the Stars by Two Tiny Turtles; Font: Special Elite

Wonderful Ordinary Day – more gorgeous photos of Elysse and Jorge

The Magic of Everyday Bundle from Blagovesta Gosheva and Pieces of My Heart from Erica Zane; Font: Hello Lucky

You Do You – Tommy’s graduation

Character Study Elements, Papers and Journal Cards by One Little Bird; iNSD Grab Bag by Sara Gleason and Crystal Livesay; bits and pieces from Daily Bulletin, How It Began, Just the Beginning, Per Diem, Positive Spin, Silver Linings, Stargazer, Story Unfolds and This Magic Moment all by One Little Bird; Font: Special Elite




Almost two weeks again

Busy, busy around here. Tax season has started which always brings a little more fun to the table ūüėČ

Let’s get a few of my recent ones posted here on the old blog:

Connected – how much fun it is to be connected to the kids via texting

Be Connected Papers and Elements, March 2016 BYOC Styles, Templated Trio 4 all from Mommyish

Paradise – Elysse’s cruise

Destinations Vol 2 by Studio Basic Designs and Studio Flergs; Love You More Templates by Two Tiny Turtles

Peaceful and Perfect – some of Tommy’s Philmont photos from last summer

Elysian Elements and Papers, Flight Plan no 29 and bits from Click, How It Began, Per Diem, Still Life and This and That all from One Little Bird; Font: Roble

Smile Big – our family photo shoot in Wynwood

Laugh Often Bundle by Studio Basic Designs and Little Butterfly Wings; EZ Albums 12 and matching stitching by Erica Zane; Font: Loveton

The Look – had to find a use for the silly photos we just took!

Duo 33 – It Is Well by Brook Magee; Mamarazzi by Blagovesta Gosheva and Two Tiny Turtles

Time to Go – about getting ready to sell the house

Block Party Papers, Elements and Pocket Cards and Story Grids v7 all by Amber LaBau; March 2016 BYOC Styles (for title) by Mommyish